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Responsibilities: Military readiness including training, logistics, and maintenance; military construction; housing construction and privatization; contracting and acquisition policy; business and financial management; base realignment and closure; and defense energy and environmental programs. Special additional areas: Conventional ammunition procurement; RDT&E infrastructure; National Defense Stockpile; defense industrial and technology base policies; facility and housing maintenance and repair; land and property management; information technology management policy (excluding cyber); and industrial operations, including depots, shipyards, arsenals, and ammunition plants. Oversight of budget accounts: Operation and maintenance; RDT&E support programs; conventional ammunition procurement; military construction and family housing; base realignment and closure; working capital funds; the National Defense Stockpile Transaction Fund. Oversight of DoD offices: Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics)*; Department of Defense Deputy Chief Management Officer; and the Chief Management Officers of the military departments. Oversight of DOD agencies and commands: U.S. Transportation Command; Defense Logistics Agency; Defense Finance and Accounting Service; Defense Investigative Service; Defense Contract Audit Agency; DOD Inspector General.

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